Tere! Glad you are considering me as your dog's potential friend! Sorry, I do not speak Estonian but English, Russian or French work perfectly! My name is Sasha, I am from Ukraine but I am currently studying here in Tartu. I decided to apply for pet sitting because I know I will not settle down for quite a long time since I want to change countries often and this is way harder with a dog. Yet, I really lack spending time with these wonderful beings! I have once taught my cousin's puppy to give a paw in 5 minutes, and the happiness I felt after that was incredible. The services I can offer are walking, home visits and sitting with your pet at your place. I love long walks in the parks and can make them as active as needed (in case you are an owner of a very energetic one). I can pick up the dog from your place, play with it, train for basic commands, make sure we are following a safe path and walking in the areas approved by you. If your dog has friends, I could coordinate with their owners so that they have fun together! I will be watching your dog closely and be as safe as possible. Unfortunately, I am renting a room from a landlord, so I cannot host pets myself. But I can visit or stay with your dog at your place both for several hours (2-3) and overnight if needed. Most of my tasks and responsibilities are online, so I can always bring a laptop with me in case there is a need to sit at your place with your wonderful pet. I can play with the dog at home, feed it, change the water, take it out and make sure it feels safe and calm. If you have other tasks at your place that you would want me to do (watering plants, picking up the post, etc.), do not hesitate to let me know! My schedule varies from day to day, but I am mostly busy in the second half of the day. I am flexible as to the duration of the walks, too. I am in my last year of studies, so I mainly work on my thesis. I have a side job where I am teaching English but that is only a few hours per week. I do not have any fear of big breeds or allergies. This makes me quite flexible. I hope we can get in contact and help each other out :) I speak Russian, Ukrainian, English and French.

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Since childhood, I have always adored dogs. As a child, I grew up with a cocker spaniel and I absolutely loved taking him for a long walk, teaching different commands or just hanging out on a sofa rubbing his belly. When my dog passed away, I have always lacked contact with dogs. That's why I frequently attended dog's competitions or shelters, where I could walk them, pet them and communicate in a very special way. I was dog-sitting dogs of my friends (shelter dogs, two dachshunds). I have also looked after and walked dogs in Belgium when I studies there via a similar platform called Pawshake. I actually spent an entire week looking after 6 pets at the same house! Two labradors, a Chinese crested dog and three cats! One of the cats had diabetes so I am experienced at making injections! I have also walked a pug via the same platform several times. So, I am rather experienced with animals and I more than adore them!


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